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“learnNX” builds up a comprehensive knowledge of Siemens NX in sequential tutorial videos.
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Welcome all administrators, constructors, designers, engineers and technicians to learnNX. With LearnNX you will learn Siemens NX step-by-step, for free, for all and right from the beginning. Every step is based on the step before. Using exercises in increasing complexity, one to three new commands are introduced in detail.

The following learning video builds on these commands and expands the learning content with additional commands.
The commands are never presented as pure command (as in the help), but always in the context of the exercise. And along the way it will be shown typical solutions from practice.


Let’s go, start now!

Currently available FREE Siemens NX online courses

Recorded in NX 2008 (new sketcher) 

Course Modeling

Prerequisite: none

Course assemblies

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of modeling

Course Drawing

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of modeling and assemblies

Personal through experience

How I startet

Countless face-to-face Siemens NX trainings on site or in the training centre have led to a proven training concept that has been optimised once again for the online courses. Typical questions of the course participants are taken into account as well as problems that occur in the engineering.

learnNX became known for its solution-oriented online tutorial videos about finished topics. The videos on parts lists, drawing frames or simplifying assemblies were clicked more than ten thousand times. Building on this success, the modular basic course was developed, which forms the base for further advanced courses.

As an experienced trainer in the field of training, support and modeling, I am pleased to be able to speak to you here and to accompany your learning success.

Your Jürgen Plautz