Observance and protection of copyright and trademark rights

The documents (videos, downloads, etc.) issued as part of a course or made available for access via the Internet are protected by copyright. The trademarks and logos listed on the documents enjoy protection under trademark law.

Each participant is obliged to use the documents and files accessible to him only within the framework expressly permitted here or permitted by mandatory legal regulations without our consent and not to promote unauthorized use by third parties. This also applies after participation has ended.

The files and documents may only be accessed (downloaded) and printed out by course participants and only for their own further training. The downloading and printing of files is only permitted within this framework – in this respect, each participant may also have the printout carried out with the technical support of third parties (e.g. a copy shop).

Otherwise, all rights of use to the files and documents are reserved. Therefore, in particular, the production of copies of files or printouts for third parties, the transfer or forwarding of files to third parties or other use for purposes other than one’s own study, whether for a fee or free of charge, requires the express prior written consent of learnNX, even after the course participation has ended.

Forms of use that are permitted due to mandatory legal provisions are of course excluded from this reservation of consent.